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Fractal pitches at She Loves Tech awards

August 23rd, 2018

Annual pitch competition promotes the best female tech founders.

If you haven’t heard of it before, ‘She loves Tech’ is the biggest women-in-tech competition in the world. And that’s a pretty big deal, given the lack of diversity in the tech scene.

Fractal was invited to pitch at the finals of the Singapore chapter in August, where only the best 9 startups with female founders were invited to pitch.

Fractal is currently part of German Accelerator Southeast Asia in Singapore. The company’s Head Of Business Development, Tina Rudorf took part in the tech competition by pitching Fractal Blockchain’s offering.

“We received a fantastic level of visibility and traction from the event. We were able to present our offering to a lot of relevant people from the industry and met amazing female tech founders on the way,” said Rudorf.

Rudorf was excited with how well Fractal’s services matched the market demand in Singapore.

“Our two existing Singaporean clients help giving us regional credibility and have a true lighthouse effect for us in the market”, she said.

“Our offering does not have a local competitor with exactly our scope and value proposition yet and the reaction is continuously positive.”

Rudorf described Fractal’s strong reputation providing customers with a compliant ICO launchpad solution including KYC & AML checks across the globe as a significant benefit while doing business in Singapore.

“We feel like we are really hitting a nerve with our services and are benefiting from the Singaporean mentality of being willing to play by the rules and staying on the right side of the law without wanting to miss out on innovations like blockchain or ICOs”, she said.

Supported by the presence of her female peers, Rudorf felt encouraged by the positive signs that women are starting to have greater opportunities to network and share resources more effectively in the technology sector.

Since its inception, Fractal has made empowering female diversity in its workplace a priority. The startup is very concerned about an equality-driven hiring process and remains conscious of the many qualities women bring to a team and business.

“Whilst the pure numbers of women in tech is slowly improving, networks within the tech scene are still often impenetrable for women”, she said.

“Therefore, women have to start forming networks themselves and events like this empower that”.