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Fractal’s Singapore Event a Success!

November 9th, 2018

Our first Fractal hosted event in Singapore was an incredible success! We had a fantastic time and were blown away by the incredibly engaged audience that were so active and interested throughout the course of the event. The motivation behind organising this event was the large amount of very similar conversations we had over the last few months. A lot of blockchain companies seemed to ask themselves “Should I raise funds through an ICO?”

At first, this question was surely fuelled by the sheer amount of ICOs conducted. It seems like an easy way to raise big amounts of money fast, all throughout 2017 and the first half of 2018. Evidently, time has brought the good, the bad, the successes and the scams to light, and the turbulent market has made things even more complex.

Our objective in hosting this event was to shed some light on how to approach this question from separate angles. A token launch is always a project touching on very different business and technology aspects, and we tried to mirror those aspects in the composition of our panel.

Together with our great partners from Osborne Clarke, XSQ, QCP Capital and PRecious Communications we were able to cover: Legal, Marketing/PR, Strategy, Compliance, IT Security, Market Making, Liquidity Management and Tokenomics. We were able to explain from all these perspectives not only which prerequisites need to be in place, but also the costs and efforts an ICO project will likely face.

In the presentations by the panelists, as well as in the ensuing dialogue with our attendees we were able to deliver a very tangible idea of how to pragmatically estimate costs, effort and risks when contemplating an ICO launch. We also reached a conclusion on how a coherent token economy needs to be structured, why the amount of work should not be underestimated, and how opportunity costs should be forecasted both in the months before, and after, the fundraising event itself.

Aside from the regularly occurring ICO pitch meetups, this event was purely educational, empowering all those great blockchain companies with the knowledge and expertise to better explore the idea of a token launch event for themselves. By talking and answering questions in the language of business (not buzzwords or general hype) we were able to clarify common misperceptions and misunderstandings.

We want to thank everyone who participated and encourage everyone who attended to get in touch with us on LinkedIn for any further questions you may have!

Event Speakers:

-Panel Moderator: Tina Rudorf -Head of Business Development SEA, Fractal Launchpad, Fractal Blockchain

– KYC/AML & Fund Security: Nele Wollert – MD Fractal Launchpad, Fractal Blockchain

– Legal: Chia Ling Koh – Managing Director, Osborne Clarke

– PR & Communications: Lars Voedisch – Principal Consultant & Managing Director, PRecious Communications

– Tokenomics: Prakash Somosundram – Head of Acceleration, XSQ Blockchain Infrastructure and Investments

– Market Making & OTC:  Darius Sit – Managing Partner, QCP Capital