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German Accelerator Southeast Asia founder advocates for Fractal in Singapore

July 23rd, 2018


Fractal receives glowing review by German Accelerator Southeast Asia boss.

Claus Karthe, Founder and CEO of German Accelerator Southeast Asia spoke enthusiastically about Fractal’s considerable market strengths and capabilities in an interview which aired on Singaporean radio show, MoneyFM in July.

The blockchain technology company joined the Singaporean Summer 2018 program, with an eye on the large ASEAN market.

Fractal builds user-centric and compliant identity and payment solutions for the decentralized web and supports open source blockchain projects to fund the future ecosystem using an initial token launch.

“They basically want to make ICOs safe and sound”, Karthe told MoneyFM.

“They’ve built a program which is very solid, so that you can actually trust the ICO, both from an investment perspective as an investor into a company, but also from a company perspective. I know the money I get is clear and clean money. It doesn’t come out from dubious sources”.

According to Karthe, Singapore is strongly positioned for ICOs in Asia, “thanks to its liberal government and regulations”.

Karthe acknowledged that because the German Accelerator program is sponsored by the German Government, they “can give unbiased advice” and are “not forced to make economic decisions”.

The Southeast Asia program is run by seven-time startup founder Karthe himself, with a focus on being “run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”. Karthe has over 25 years business experience in Asia.

German Accelerator Southeast Asia now boasts 8 different startups for its 2018 summer and spring intake. And given that Singapore is Germany’s largest trading partner in the EU, the importance of the five-month growth accelerator program is of huge benefit to participating startups.

“It pays clearly to look at ASEAN and Singapore”, said Karthe.

“We try to find them business partners here. We have a lot of mentors which are local businessmen who work with our accelerator.

“Our startups get a very broad view into local capabilities.”

Listen here for the full interview transcript